7 SEO Strategies which Surges your Website Instantly

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To grow a website or to get its high ranking, the website needs SEO but there are many techniques which take a lot of hard work but there are some strategies or tips which are most important in the SEO of the website, you will read about them here but before that you should know what Seo is.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a practice which teachs you to write good content that will enhance the user experience and your ranking will increase if you adopt these techniques well. If we say in simple language, doing SEO simply means that the search engine wants you to write high-quality content that user gets better answer to his query. So now you have understood what and how or why it is important.

To do seo we have to work in three parts i.e. There are three types of seo which are following types :-

  1. On page
  2. Off page
  3. Technical

These three parts of seo are very important. If even one of part is incomplete, all will become incomplete. There are a lot of techniques used in these cases, the most important of which are keyword research, optimizing content by looking at search intent, making backlinks and working on one niche and few many things which you read further about.

SEO Important Strategies

seo strategies and methods

All the techniques of seo want us to make our content relevant, useful and informative. and there are some common strategies to make the content very informative which is almost accomplished by these common or few techniques.

1. USe Perfect H1 Titletitle of serp

Title is the only component that lets users and crawlers know what is main intent written in the content. there are following factors of perfect title :-

i. Must use H1 tag – H1 tag means type of headings we have, there are tags from H1 to H6 which are used to create main-heading and sub heading. Out of these, H1 is such a tag which is used only once on a webpage. and is use on the top of content.

ii. Must contain focus keyword – Focus keyword means that keyword which is going to be used in our all content or we can also say that focus keyword is the keyword around on which this is relevant to entire content. and also use focus keyword of your content in sub-headings.

iii. Character limit – The length of the title also plays a big role in a perfect title. A perfect title is one which conveys the intent of the entire content in as few words as possible and its length limitation should be 50-60 characters.

iv. Avoid keyword stuffing – The best practice of a title is when the focus keyword is used once in our title and focus keyword should be used in the starting of the titles and do avoid using the same keyword in the title.

v. Use power keyword – You should always include power keywords in your title because this will attract the user to your content and using power keywords is also beneficial in SEO. If you do not include power keywords in the title, it will harm your search engine optimization.

2. Perfect Meta Discription

meta discrition of serp

Meta description is the point that the user reads first after the title so that he can get a shot idea about the full content. So, we should write the meta description in such a way that the user gets excited for the entire content after reading that description. and to make meta discription attractive, useful and meaningful read further about factors of meta discription.

i. Use focus keyword – It is necessary to use focus keyword in meta description and it should be kept in mind that there should not be stuffing of focus keyword in the description i.e. focus keywords should be used only once.

ii. word limitation – The length of meta description should not be too much, its length should be only 1-2 sentences, which means the description should be of 140-150 letters.

iii. Include CTA – CTA stands for Click To Action. This means that the description of your content to make the user attract to click on things like learn more, read more, enroll now etc. CTA should always be used at the end of the description.

iv. Avoid Quotation marks – Don’t use quotation marks in your meta description. it hurts your SEO because whenever we use quotation marks in our description, Google’s crawler doing truncet it. and we don’t want that Google truncate our meta description.

3. LSI Keywords

LSi keyword examples

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. LSI keyword is the keyword that relevant to the focus keyword of our content. Always use relevant keywords in the content so that Google’s crawler can understand your content very well and it is very benificial and important in your SEO.

for example :- 

google crawling a webpage

If you are writing any content and if your main focus keyword is credit card then you should include words relevant to it in the content like credit card related words money, credit score, interest rate etc. This way you will be able to know how much things you have written in your content and this will also help seo to know how useful, informational and trustable your content is. LSI keyword is also very helpful for seo of your content and Lsi keyword is also helpful in ranking your content on multiple keywords.

4. Use ALT tag in image

alt tag use in image

Alt tag is also called alt attribute and alt description. Alt tag means that whatever image we use and then write relevant sentence in alt tag of this image. Alt tag is an alternative tag to the image, it is used so that by chance, if for some reason the image is not printed on the web page, the sentence written in the alt tag will be printed in its place.

and alt tag is also used because crawler cannot scan images and it will use alt tag to know about that image and crwaler can find out the intent used in that image. The correct way to write alt tag is as follows are :-

i. Be Accurate – The alt text should always be relevant to the image, it should not be that you start writing about your content, the alt tag of the image should be informational that the crawler should understand what this image is about.

ii. Avoid Keyword Stuffing – While writing alt tag, you should never stuff any word repeatedly, this hurts your SEO and crawlers do not like word stuffing.

iii. Word Limitation – The limit of alt tag is that it should not be too small or too long and its maximum limitation is 125 characters. The sentence in alt tag should be as if you search an image on Google.

Note – It is also important for you to know that Alt tag is not required for every image, this is because any image is used to decorative in webpage and such any reason.

5. Building Backlinks

how backlinks works

Backlinks are the most important technique by which you can boost your website. this is important because through it we get traffic from another website by giving link of our website and it also increase our domain authority and page authority of our website. which is very beneficial for seo to boost our website.

We can get backlinks from other websites by two methods. First of all, we keep talking through that website that they give some backlinks for my website and It may also happen that if he knows us or they are relative, friend etc. then we will get backlinks from him.

And the second method is that we write some blog on any blogging website, we put the link of our website in it, it means that we give a blog of few words on the blogging website and in return that blogging website gives backlinks to our website.

The more backlinks you have to your website it will benefit your SEO and to get more backlinks, you will have to write blogs on more and more blogging websites. There is some list for a blogging website, you will get a link to a blogging website in below line.

click here to list of Blogging website

6. Solve Pain Point

search funnel keyword intent

Pain point means that which important point of the user are you covering in your content which is beneficial for the user and also those points which your competitors are not covering can also be covered but include those points in your content which is relevant to your content not that you forget the main intent of your content and write about another point.

The intent of your content should be the stable so that the user gets the answer as per his query. there is four types of intent which is following are:-

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Commercial
  4. Transactional

These four intents are very different from each other, so every content should have only one of these four intents or not all the four intent include in one content. By using the same intent and covering as many pain points as possible of user, our content becomes useful and of high quality. according to google, to covering pain points or additional topics which is relevant to our content this is very well to your content on high ranking.

7. Format & Types

formats of content in blogs

You should always use different types of formats in your content so that the user can understand your content quickly and easily. there are different type of format types which is useful for your website seo such as :-

  1. FAQs(Frequently Ask Questions)
  2. Conclusion
  3. table
  4. lists
  5. images
  6. video  etc…

all these formats types are very beneficial to your content and FAQs, conclusion are the most important in content. always add FAQs and conclusion in your content as possible.

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