AI is becoming revolutionary

How Artificial Intelligence is Become Revolutionary From 2024

artificial revolution in 2024

Artifiical intelligence has grown a lot in today’s time, it has both advantage and disadvantages. Today we will discuss everything from its benefits to its disadvantages. and the first and main part will be how AI has become a revolutionary and how artificial intelligence has became a rece for tech company’s. First of all let us understand what is AI ? .

What is Artificial Intelligence – AI is a human made programme which imparts human like learning and thinking capibility . it is used in virtual assistant, social media, graphic designing and such many things.

Today there are more and more tech companies in the world are in the race for artificial intelligence . They want that by developing AI software, they can make lives of more and more people easier and they want that AI work better from human beings.

Today tech companies have developed such artificial intelligence, which can do scripting , puzzle solving, coding, marketing, picture generation, accounting and other such things using its own intelligence in few seconds. It is incredible that this is predicted that AI when fully developed , it will be able to solve many extreme high level problems in a second and hard to believe that Artificial intelligence has also start getting self conscious. one more thing i want to tell you that AI has started learning and understanding all these things ever since it was not created and which things AI do not also.

In the coming time, robots and technology will become such a part of your life like mobile in today’s time. it is not the case that it has been promoted only by search ingines companies nor by big e-commerce cmpanies like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho etc. There are many companies  which are making great progress in Artificial intelligence these companies are automobile companies, manufacturing companies, space companies, gaming companies and designing companies(like adobe – computer software company) it automates the work of people.

Artificial intelligence is not limited to only vehicles, search engines, manufacturing companies but it is also gradually being used in all the things which are being used in every day life. Artificial intelligence use in business consultant , finance and Accounting, marketing, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Education, Military, Gaming, Robotics, Medicine, Labour work, House cleaning etc. Artificial intelligence can do everything that a human being can do and can also do what a human being cannot do.

How Artificial Intelligence is Useful in Finance and Accounting

artificial intelligence is impacting accounting and financing with many methods.

AI has proven to be very beneficial in the world of finance and banking sector. AI has made great automation in finance and banking. it can analyze and visualize large data in just a few second. they have penetrated into accounting to such an extent that most of the calculations are done with the help of AI. as you can also see, that the customer care services ae there in any banking and finance setor are automated by AI. As we can see that Artificial intelligence can do some work of cahrted accountant like tax planning, valuation, analysing and visualizing etc.

These are the following uses of AI in banking and finance :-

  • Cyber security and Frad detection
  • Customer experience
  • Risk management
  • Chatbots
  • Loan and credit Decision
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Tracking market trends
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Process automation

Artificial intelligence has also halped in providing feedback tocustomer. AI is giving better feedback that human biengs. some banks are using chatbots to boost customer services and improve there customer experience. AI isalso used to detect frauds in banks and finance sector and this is also used by traders who invest in companies. investor use indicators and trend line strategy to predict whether the company’s stock will rise or not a certain time. investors are not only using indicators in the chart pattern of the company while they are also using artificial intelligence to check whether that the company’s is fundamentally good for long term investment or not. we can also say that AI is useful for investment advice.

Artificial intelligence is also used in sale forecasting to find aut whether there will be an increase insale in the future or not. some banks also use AI to giving credit cards and loans to customers, bank sees its credit score with the help of its last record to finds out wether the borrower will be able to repay his loan or not.

So, there are much more things uses of AI in finance and banking

How Artificial Intelligence is Working as a Business Consultant

Artificial intelligence is use in business from many methods like vision, speech, planning and optimization etc.

Artificial intelligenc has not yet penetrated much in the field of management, but it started and spreading in some extent and the AI is launching their version in day by day and this is very powerful and has made a lot of progress  in expanding its work. not much impact of AI can be seen in business but still AI is being used in some things as you can see below.

There are the following uses of AI in business :-

1. Vision – Vision is so important in business that business can not run without vision or without any aim. what i mean by vision is that you have a future ariented programme and challenges for your bussiness. and give the right direction to the vision, things like risk management, data analysis, data visualization of the company have to be managed which artificial intelligence can do.

2. Expert System – You must have noticed that there is a huge difference in the experience of any employee and a company’s CEO. so you can understand that same as someone start the business is a bigenner but if we look at artificial intelligence then has much more understanding of business field.

3. Planning and optimization – if someone start a new business then the chances of failure will be very high but if he start his business stratigically and by doing some experiments then the chances of failure will be very less. so, you can know that artificial intelligence is so quickly in making strategies and research because thay have a huge quantity of data.

4. Speech – You know must  that there are meeting in business and how much time it takes to make a perfect presentation and speech. so, artificial intelligence can create all kinds of speech and presentation in few second.

5. Language Processing(NLP) –  NLP(Natural Language Processing) is such a thing that by use of artificial intelligence can do the work line language translation, smart assistant such as an assistant that listens to orders and do work in few minutes, email filtering, document analyzing etc.

How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used in Education

Artificial intelligence is use in education

Today there is almost know that how Artificial intelligence has helped in education . today AI has entered every field but most of the searchees in AI is being used mostly only by student . taday student use AI to research even the smallest things . student have become so attached to AI that it seems as ot is a part of their everyday life. today student are taken more knowledge by using AI, there is no limit to the knowledge in AI , they have huge data store.

There are the following application of artificial intelligence in education :-

  •  Virtual Facilitator
  • Automated Grader
  • Smart Content
  • Char Campus
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Chatbot
  • Proctoring
  • Personalised Learning
  • Data Accumulation

These are all those application which help a student in the field of education . all these apllications are so good that even the biggest doudts of the student they can solve in few second.

How Artificial Intelligence has Become a Race For Tech Company’s

Race of Tech companyies for Artificial intelligence

Before you understand how AI became the race for tech companies, it is important for you to know how and where the term AI comes from . the origin of AI was come from 1950 to 1956 when a man named alan turing was working on computer machienry and intelligence and eventually he created the test turing and then it was used to check computer intelligence and then later the name of this term has become artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has been a first priority for tech companies in the earlier age of science. scientist discover many new tecniques. with the invent of new technologies, people’s work started getting done in a jiffy. in this time a search engine was also discovered. this search engine was created by Alan Emtage in 1990 till which its name was archie. after that in few years many search engines came like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Firefox etc. 

These companies were trying to strengthen artificial intelligence and working on it but there is come a very powerful chatbot was launched in the market , which is named chatGPT. it has been created by a company named OpenAI. this chatbot has laid the foundation of a giant company like Google. this chatbot has the ability to do all the work which google can do and also not. chatGPT can do scripting, presentation, storywritting, puzzle solving, information, and even suggestions van be given etc. and all these things cannot be done by google.

There is the List of 10 most popular Search Engine Companies Company’s URL link Company’s Name Inverter Name When Invented Where Invented
1 Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin September 4, 1998 Stanford university in California
2 Microsoft Bing Erik Gregersen 2009 San Diego in California
3 Yahoo Jerry and David’s April 1994 Stanford university in California
4 NA Baidu Robin Li and Eric Xu January 2000 Beiging in China
5 Yandex Arkady Volozh and IIya Segolvich September 23, 1997 Moscow in Russia
6 DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg February 29, 2008 Valley Forge in Pennsylvania
7 Garrett gruener and David warthen 1996 Berkeley in California
8 Ecosia Christian kroll December 2009 Berlin in Germany
9 William von Meister 1983 Dulles in Virginia
10 NA Internat Archive Brewster Kahle may 10, 1996 American Digital Library

ChatGPT – chatgpt was launched on November 30, 2022 and it reached 100 million user in just two months. this means that it took 2.5 years for a company like Instagram to reach this level. chatgpt became such a hit that google suffered a loss of $149 billion within a two months due to its arrival. chatgpt is very advance level artificial intelligence. users of chatgpt has taking better answers then google, chatgpt can do everything that it says like scripting, story writting, coding etc. while google which does not do scripting and has not been able to generate stories on its own. that is why the user gave more prefrence to chatgpt.

With the arrival of chatgpt, Microsoft Bing launched its own Artificial intelligence which named BingAI on 7 february 2023. Google also launched its Bard AI on march 21, 2023. and in this way, because of search engines company, software company and chatgpt, it going become an AI revolutionary movement in 2024 due to which it has become a race for every tech company.

But i want to give some conclusion here that the companys have all forgotten that in their pursuit of making money and for winning in the race of artificial intellingence, they are exploiting the nature and all living beings. to make the lives of 2 to 3 percent people of the world easier and they are already rich enough, but they are ruining the lives of all the remaining people.

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